Paradox of Vision!

Farm fresh Cherry Tomatoes from the Desert of Morocco while Nigeria with extensive land for arable farming suffers from acute Tomato scarcity! We need to get back to the Land folks!! The era of depending on oil as sole means of sustainance is over.


In cherished memory of our dear departed classmates, Oyewole Oyewuwo (a genius) and Zacheaeus Babarinde DVM. You came, you saw and you conquered. 

AGSE- 75 Set: RIP

“The Fullness of The Spirit – By The Cross”

1 Lord, may Thy blood now cleanse me, /

Wash all my sins away, /

That with Thy Holy Spirit /

Thou may annoint, I pray. /

My service, I confess, Lord, /

Is failure-full and weak; /

The filling of Thy Spirit /

To live for Thee I seek /

Oh, from myself deliver, /

From all its misery; /

I’d henceforth be forever /

Completely filled with Thee.

2 Oh, Lord, how dry my heart is, /

It yearns and pants for Thee; /

The filling of Thy Spirit /

Is now my fervent plea. /

Within the smitten Rock, Lord, /

I would entirely hide; /

Pour thru Thy living water, /

Till I am satisfied. /

3 How cold my heart has been, Lord, /

How slow obeying Thee; /

So fill me with Thy Spirit, /

I’ll ne’er rebellious be, /

I lie upon Thy altar /

And dare not move away; /

4 Oh, may Thy flame descending /

Consume my all, I pray. /

Oh, may Thy Cross within me /

Deepen its work and burn, /

In me enlarge Thy measure, /

And me to ashes turn. /

Oh, may Thy Spirit fill me /

Each day more than before, /

And may Thy living water /

On me and thru me pour. /

(HYMNS 280)

Organic Valley highlights inauthenticity with the usual lies

Food Science Institute

The New York Times yesterday highlighted the farmer’s co-op Organic Valley, talking about their new half million dollar web site and their emphasis on “highlighting their authenticity.” Well, we had to take a look at the web site that the Times referred to, and found a number of lovely feel-good pictures of rural bliss (and $9 a gallon organic milk). And the usual misinformation with better lipstick on all the pigs, er, cows.

Their whole campaign boils down to the specious claims of “Why Organic?” which are the same old hokum:

Research shows that organic foods are higher in antioxidants and other nutrients

Actually, papers by Brevata and Smith-Spangler and earlier by Dangour, et. al. found no nutritional differences between conventional and organic crops. And the paper that Organic Valley refers to by Baranski et al  was published at the University of Newcastle by  a series of authors associated with…

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Nigerian Economy – The Way Forward.

imageimageSo exciting to see this product which I have known from childhood on open market in London! Touching indeed as a token symbolism of the ideal direction of travel for richly endowed Nigeria. It’s high time to wake up from deep  slumber of a consuming, trading and monolithic economy into a dawn of revamped agriculture, value added products, mining, industrialisation and technology.



The World Is A Journey Not A Destination.

We are pilgrims in the world and need to be conscious of living everyday as if it’s the very last. This means we need to make the difference wherever and in whatever capacity we are.
What a difference it makes when we are true, genuine, make someone smile, kind to someone known or unknown, preserve or restore our damaged environment, protect endangered species of living organisms, conscientious, accord respect and dignity to all and in general endeavour to make the world a better place.
Unfortunately these virtues are exceptions rather than the rule in our contemporary world. It is easier to live as if we have arrived at our destination forgetting that we are merely on a journey which behoves us to play our part well while it lasts. May we be those who are mindful of what our epitaph will be. Shall it be said on our part that “they came, they saw, they conquered”?

Blue Lounge Birmingham New Street Railway Station.

Blue Lounge Birmingham New Street Railway Station.